Solomon Islands keen to sign further cooperation agreements with PNG

Solomon Islands is looking forward to sign further cooperation agreements with neighboring Papua New Guinea soon.

The two countries have already signed several technical cooperation agreements in the areas of education, judicial assistance, police cooperation, customs cooperation and biosecurity. Others are currently under review.

“We look forward to the completion of the reviews to ensure they are implemented for the betterment of our two countries. Other joint cooperation agreements are yet to be signed and we are committed to ensuring that these agreements are finalized for signing as soon as is possible,” Prime Minister Sogavare said during the visit by his PNG counterpart last week.

Prime Minister Sogavare also highlighted the significance of people to people interaction in the areas of music, culture and sports which both governments can do more to harness for the good of these industries.

 “We can do more to enhance such engagements and cooperation in music and culture,” Sogavare said.

On Bougainville, Prime Minister Sogavare has highlighted that the Solomon Islands government views Bougainville as a sovereign part of Papua New Guinea while noting the outcome of the recent Bougainville referendum.

“We look forward to hearing of your government’s plans on Bougainville. We also look forward to working with Papua New Guinea to refine and strengthen our existing border agreements and arrangements to safeguard the safety and security of our two peoples at the border,” Sogavare said.

Prime Minister Marape concluded his 3 days visit on Saturday 29 February with a Church Service at Betikama Adventist College before returning to Port Moresby.


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