Solomon Ports assists St. Josephs Tenaru School

Solomon Ports today handed over SBD$71,265 to St.Josephs Tenaru Catholic secondary school in supporting the completion of their new administration block.

The financial assistance will quicken the ongoing construction of the school’s new administration building, which the school started building way back in 2016.

So far Solomon Ports is the only and first external donor to assist the school in this project, which the school has been self-funding through fund raising activities.

A cheque was handed over to St. Joseph’s Tenaru school Deputy Principal Mr. Abraham Haiuasi by Solomon Ports Chief Financial Officer Mr. George Rausi today at SIPA headquarters.

Mr.Haiuasi thanked the SOE for partnering with the school and showing the willingness in supporting the education sector in the country.

He said with the assistance from Ports, he hopes this will speed up their ongoing work on the building complex and completing it soon.

“On behalf of the students, teachers, and the school board of St. Josephs Tenaru, we would like to thank the board and management of Solomon Ports for this worthy cause,” he said.

“Over the years we have been funding this project ourselves, but now we thank Solomon Ports for recognizing the importance of education and the need of our school.”

Meanwhile, Solomon Ports Chief Financial Officer Mr.George Rausi said Solomon Ports is happy to step in and help in the ongoing effort to build the new admin block.

He said schools are the building block for human resources in the country and it is more fitting for Solomon Ports to assist the education sector.

“As an SOE, we assist schools because this is where leaders and future employees are made,” he said. “St.Joseph’s is one of the top schools in the country, and we believe this assistance will surely continue to build and help the school provide good facilities and quality education in the years to come.”


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