Solomon Water fires staff over corrupt practices

Solomon Water has recently disciplined and dismissed several staff following reports from the public that some of its field staff are demanding or being paid money when doing installations for CashWater connections or other work.

Solomon Water in a statement says that this is wrong and that they will not tolerate such bad practice and behaviour by its staff or contractors.

“We apologise to any customers who have been victims of this corrupt behaviour.

“We call on our customers to work with us to stop giving cash to our staff in the field or offices to get things done. All payments for Solomon Water services must only be done through our cashier outlets at BJS Customer Care Centre, Point Cruz or at Hyundai Mall cashier with receipts issued. We are now offering top ups through the Ezi –pei system and will shortly provide a similar service through BSP bank, which will provide improved service and more convenience to our customers.

“Illegal connections and theft of water increase our cost of production and must be paid for by those good customers who pay their accounts, and so we ask everyone to report theft so we can reduce the cost of water to all.

“Solomon Water would like to remind our customers and the public that if any of our staff request cash payments for SW services, please do the right thing by reporting this to our Human Resource Manager. All reports will be treated as confidential and should include details such as time and date, location, description or name of staff concerned, vehicle registration and other necessary information to enable us to investigate fully.

“Please do not post complaints on social media as we cannot act on them. We must have specific details of the incident so we can investigate properly and hold those people doing this accountable,” it says.

“Solomon Water is working with you to improve services, and improve value to our customers. We will continue to actively manage bad behaviors and work place practices, and we request the support of you, our valued customers, in this ongoing reform.”


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