Sore: Developers must comply with HCC procedures

The Honiara City Council is making a call to Developers to follow HCC procedures in any form of development.

This follows concerns from the public in regards to a development taking place at the Rove seafront.

City Clerk Rence Sore said there are procedures under HCC that must be adhered to and should be respected.

“If anyone is interested to do any development of structures of any sort in the City, they have to follow the HCC procedures,” he said.

“Part of the procedure is to get an approval from the Planning and Development Board, then a building permit can be issued before any construction can begin.”

“Failure to comply with the approval and permit will result in issuing of notice to the developers and demolition will be carried out,” the Clerk added.

City Council is monitoring the development at Rove sea front in inline with the procedures as no approval has been granted to the developers.

The developers have failed to comply and necessary actions will be taken.

Meanwhile the Mayor Wilson Mamae said every process and procedures are in place and everyone must comply accordingly.

“This is a call to all Government Ministries, Private and business stakeholders, foreigners, naturalized citizens and indigenous Solomon Islanders to respect and abide with the HCC ordinances and procedures.”

“One cannot just ignore our laws and do things illegally, as there will be consequences,” the Mayor added.

“There are some examples that permits were not issued because they have not followed the right procedures and getting approval from the Planning and Development Board.”

“If you come through the door, you can go out through the same door, you cannot go through a window and that is simple as that,” he added.