Sori: I want to serve my people, community and country

Twenty five-year-old Loise Mary Sori is one of only 13 female Royal Solomon Island Police Force (RSIPF) recruits out of the total of 69 participants currently undergoing the second group of recruits for 2019 at the Police Academy at the Rove Police Headquarters in Honiara.

But despite being the minority among the recruit group, the training since December 2019 is already having an impact on Ms Sori who hails from Ravenga Village on Tikopia in the far eastern part of Solomon Islands and married to a man from the western end of the country, the Shortland Islands.

“I want to serve my people, my community and the country as a whole. So when I was informed about the recruitment drive for this training by a female police officer at the Kulitanai Police Station in the Shortlands, I jumped at the opportunity. So here I am in the second recruit group for 2019,” a confident looking Ms Sori remarked.

So what does Ms Sori think about the police recruit training so far?

“Obviously, the training so far has improved my knowledge about the duties and responsibilities of a police officer. Sometimes we members of the public do not understand the duties and responsibilities of an officer. All we know is that police are there to ensure the public is safe and there is no crime. But do we know that policing is not the job of the police alone? It’s everyone’s business to prevent crime in our communities and help the police with information when a crime has been committed.”

“I want to learn more about the laws of our country so that when I become a police officer I will be able to educate our youth. I believe that one of the reasons that youth are involved in a lot of the crime in our country is that they have a very limited knowledge of our laws. I want to change that for the better.”

She adds: “I want to encourage more women to consider a career in policing. If you are a woman whose goal in life is to serve our people, communities and the country as a whole, I want you to seriously consider a career in policing.”

“I seriously want to become a role model for other women and of cause men too within the RSIPF. I believe the six months training will help me achieve this.” Ms Sori, who loves volleyball as a hobby, completed her secondary education with a Form Six Solomon Islands School Certificate at the Biulah Provincial Secondary School in the Western Province in 2013.


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