Statement from USP SI based students in Support to Prof.Pal

On behalf of the USPSI students, 

We the USPSA-SI executive and council are rendering our support with other regional campus student bodies towards Prof. Pal Ahluwalia.

Our support for Prof. Pal is not base on our legitimacy to our USPSA body and its Federal but to put a clear message that we do not entertain corruption within the shores of the University of the South the Pacific.

In fact, we see Prof. Pal working ethics differently from other past VC’s in which he serves the interest of our USPSA body and other regional student association to fight against corruption. Thus, Prof. Pal do really stand out when he has discovered financial and salary routing underway and has compiled a paper, “Issues, concern and breaches of past management and financial decisions”, and presented it to the USP council in one of their meeting at Vanuatu. Prior to these paper, allegations were made and being investigated by a consultancy firm, BDO Auckland but the report has kept in secret since then. Lately, the content has emerging on social media and this has given opportunity for PVC Winston Thompson and his associates to file an allegation against Prof. Pal for misconduct. With that, he called an urgent meeting for USP council to suspend Prof. Pal. However, the move and process taken by Winston has raised eyebrows to the USPSA and other regional campus student bodies including us, USPSA-SI. In fact for us USPSA-SI, this is conflict of interest strategically to cover up the mess Winston and his associates has caused, hence, we see this as an act of corruption at its best, therefore condemned it. 

Having this issue at hand, does not speaks well for the good of the governance of USP and we the USPSA-SI want to pose questions of our concern to whoever is concerned ; “Why not deal with the allegation put forward by Prof. Pal first before moving on to such allegation which resulted in the suspension of Prof. Pal”? What is the motive behind the allegation which resulted on the suspension of Prof. Pal? 

Therefore, our stand here is plain and crystal clear that we say “No to Corruption” and yes to good governance and integrity. In that, we support Prof. Pal and calling on the USP Council to reconsider their decision to his suspension. Also, we are calling for the allegation made by Prof. Pal to be considered as genuine because we the USPSI students support it and deserve to know the truth about the result of the investigation by BDO Auckland.

Moreover, knowing that USP is owned by twelve (12) member countries including us, Solomon Island, we the USPSA-SI, call on the Solomon Islands Government to support us in the good course to fight against such act of corruption so that good governance do prevail in the University of the South Pacific. On that note, we call for the SIG say in their stand with regards to this issue because so far, other member countries have shown their support and have their say on this issue.