Strong wind warning in force for SI Waters

A strong wind warning is in force for all Solomon Islands waters.

Solomon Islands Meteorological Service (SIMS) issued the warning in its fourth strong wind advisory this morning.

The weather office (SIMS) says the warning is in force due to a west to northwest wind that flow persists over the Solomon Islands. 

“West to northwest winds increasing to 20 to 25 knots (37 to 46 kilometers per hour) with moderate to rough seas and moderate swells (2.5 – 3.0 meters) is expected for all waters with showers, rain areas and isolated thunderstorms.”

SIMS warns people to take precautionary measures as such strong winds have the potential to impact lives and properties.  

Sea travellers are urged to consider safety action as such winds can produce dangerous wave conditions which are hazardous to small boats.

Meanwhile, the National Emergency Operations Center (NEOC) says that Strong Wind can cause rough seas and damage to buildings therefore people are strongly advised to seriously take the following safety actions:


For Village Leaders / Families

  • Make sure your neighbours and vulnerable people have received this advice
  • Strengthen home buildings to stand against strong winds
  • Avoid going out to the sea for fishing as the sea will be rough mostly

For Boats and Shippings

  • Mariners are advised to be extra cautious when planning or traveling out in the sea
  • Avoid traveling at all during bad weather
  • When going out in the sea, always inform someone of where about you are going and your expected time of travel
  • Take extra fuel, puddles, life-jackets, torch-light, spare batteries, water, and some food when traveling

This Strong Wind Warning “What To Do Information” is current until a CANCELLATION is issued by the SIMS.


DIAL: 955 (DISASTER) or 933 (WEATHER) or 999 (POLICE) or 977 (MARINE) or Check your nearest Provincial Emergency Operation Centres (PEOC) or Your nearest Police Station

SEND EMAIL: [email protected] (Disaster)

WEBSITE: (NDMO) and (SIMS) for latest updates

Important note:

A strong wind warning means that winds of 20 to 25 knots which may gust up to 30 knots are expected to produce hazardous sea wave conditions to small crafts. Decision as to the degree of hazard will be left up to the boatman, based on his experience and size and type of boat.

Be aware that these wave forecasts are an average. The height of some individual wave can be expected to be much as two times greater.


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