Suidani: M4D declaration continues Sogavare attacks on democracy

Malaita Premier Suidani has spoken tonight about the recent announcement by the government that the so called M4D group is now an unlawful society.

Suidani said that this was a very predictable move by Sogavare now that parliament is closed. “He has been trying to lay the blame on MARA for the riots, when we all know that poverty and desperation caused them. And that his DCGA has increase this poverty.”

Suidani said that he expects that Sogavare will try to use the declaration against MARA government. “By calling my blood relatives and fellow Malaitans “domestic terrorists” when he is hiding behind his Parliamentary Privilege, he is demonising Malaitan people and dehumanising us. This is irresponsible and will only create more hatred between peoples. This is not attitude of a true national leader.”

Suidani reassured the many thousands of Malaitans who have marched and gathered under the label M4D in the past, that they are safe.

“This declaration of M4D as unlawful only applies from this day onwards. Those people using the label in the past before today cannot be charged as members of an unlawful society. Although I am sure DCGA will try to intimidate our people from their past gatherings under the label M4D, but I want all people of Malaita not to be fooled – this declaration only applies from today onwards.”

“The Constitution is very clear – the declaration of M4D as an unlawful society cannot apply retrospectively in time.”

Let me make it clear to my people of Malaita. I will never give up my love for Malaita, my love for my people and my love for democracy. Democracy is our right, Malaita is our blood and land. To try to call “Malaita for Democracy” as an unlawful society is just one way to try to arrest any one and everyone from Malaita, except maybe anyone who loves Communism and Atheism.

“This misuse of law to crush lawful democratic opposition is a technique used by the Chinese Communist Party in Hong Kong and it is called “lawfare”. Now we see it being increased in Solomon Islands.”

Suidani closed by saying,

“I hope that Sogavare does something constructive for our genuine needs instead of continuing with his lawfare approach of abusing and misusing law for his selfish political purposes.”

Source: Malaita Province Development Forum


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