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RSIPF is an independent organization and does not take directives from DCGA

Acting Commissioner Mangau presents Advisor Lisa Norton with a certitificate of appreciation

Commissioner of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) Mr. Mostyn Mangau would like to clarify that RSIPF is an independent organization that doesn’t take directives from the Democratic Coalition Government for Advancement (DCGA) as mentioned by Mr. Knoxly Atu in Solomon Star newspaper published on 20 March 2022.  Commissioner Mangau says, “I am not taking directives from the government as mentioned by Mr. Atu. Police involvement in the arrest of Mr. Atu is not attached to any directives from the DCGA.” Mr. Mangau says, “I appeal to the people of Bethel community in East Fataleka to surrender Mr. Atu. He has committed offenses relating to the civil unrest last year. He needs to surrender himself to the police.”  He says, “I strongly appeal to Mr. Atu to surrender. Otherwise, Police will continue with their mandatory functions of enforcing law and order and continue to hunt in the coming days. My officers try to dialogue with community elders and even negotiate for the safe surrender of Mr. Atu but nothing forthcoming.”     “Police investigate and arrest people who commit crimes when evidence is available. If you have any complaints, provide statements with evidence to support the police investigation,” says Commissioner Mangau. 


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The USD$15 million dollar mini-hydro power project in Fiu River, Malaita province has been canceled due to land dispute issues over the development. The project’s major funder, Asian Development bank (ADB)Unit Head, Solomon Islands Pacific Country Office, Elmar Elbling told…

Malaitans: Why recall our PS?

In Auki, Malaitans protest to show their disappointment to the government of the day; after a letter of recalling the PS Mr. Frederick Fa’abasua from Malaita Province confirmed delivered. The Malaitans argue that this move is to weaken the progress…

Malaita Must Bow to China: Beijing Orders PMO

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Malaita Province both the people and the provincial government has been very clear and outstanding in its stance against Communist China, refusing any communist value system including ideology tied with aid and investment in the Province. This has been an…