Taro, Supizae, Tarekukure and Choiseul Bay PSS in Choiseul Province under Lockdown

Choiseul Provincial Government submitted a request through Office of the Chairman National Disaster Council (NDC) Dr. Melchior Mataki for the Oversight Committee to get the consideration and approval of the Prime Minister to lockdown some areas in Choiseul Province.

Choiseul Provincial Secretary and Provincial Disaster Committee Chair Mr Geoffrey Pakipota said due to the 6 positive COVID-19 cases reported in and around Choiseul Bay area, the Provincial Executive has recommended a four (4) days lockdown for Taro Provincial Headquarter, Tarekukure and Choiseul Bay Provincial Secondary School and Supizae community. The lockdown is proposed to start at 12 Midday 11th February 2022 to 12 Midday 14th February 2022.

 Mr Pakipota said the decision was made following recommendations from the Provincial Health Emergency Operations Committee and the Provincial Disaster Operations Committee, toallow Provincial Health Authorities to carry out contact tracing within the communities concerned.

Meanwhile the Chairman of NDC said that all the areas considered for the Lockdown are within the existing Western Border Emergency Zone, therefore the lockdown order will cover all 4 areas as one lockdown zone.

The National Emergency Operation Center in support to the Choiseul Provincial Disaster Committee, would like to call on the People of Taro, Supizae, Tarekukure and Choiseul Bay Secondary School to comply with the lockdown order to allow effect contact tracing in the area.


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