Temotu Province donates $30k to Australian bushfire victims

The Government and People of Temotu province have donated thirty thousand dollars plus to the Fundraising committee for Australian bush fire victims yesterday 15th January 2020.

In handing over the cheque, Temotu Premier Clay Forau said it is an initiative of his provincial government to show support towards Australia during these times of disaster.

Mr Forau said Australia has been very supportive to Solomon Islands in many ways including medicines, funded project and logistics during natural disasters.

“Australia is our biggest donor partner, and recently they have funded a new Pharmacy and Women’s Centre in Lata.

“Australia has also helped a lot in the past natural disasters in our province, such as during the 2013 tsunami, they were the first to response,” Forau said.

He said people of Temotu province appreciated Australia’s help and have shown support from their hearts through their donations.

Forau added churches in the province also offered prayers to Australia bush fire victims and rain to pour down on the affected areas.

He sincerely thanked his provincial government, business houses and individuals in Lata, Graciosa Bay and Temotu Neo for kindly giving from their hearts toward a good cause.

 “We have business houses in Lata such as Pztr Investement, Sana, Pibu, and Ray store and many individuals who were very supportive during our one day fundraising drive,” Forau said.

Meanwhile Forau appealed to other sister provinces and individuals in the country to come forward show support towards the efforts to help Australia bush fire victims.

He added there is still a fundraising booth available at Pztr Store in Lata for individuals and groups in Temotu province who may wish to contribute.

Funds raised and donations for the Australian bush fire victims can be handed to the Fundraising Committee for Australian bush fire victims or deposited into BSP Bank Account “SIG Natural Disaster Appeal Account.”


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