The family is the nation’s foundation

A story which featured in the online publication ‘Solomon Times’ yesterday, Thursday, told the story of a young Solomon Islander girl who left for New Zealand in 2018 and became a Pacific Cooperation Foundation intern in order to pursue a Bachelor of Commerce Degree at Victoria University in Wellington.

What struck me about the article was how this young lady credited her parents as giving her the support and motivation to pursue her studies in New Zealand.

She described her parent’s occupations and their hard work on behalf of the family.

To me the story invokes the belief that the family is the nation’s foundation and a reminder that the ongoing pace of developments must ensure that children are not left behind.

As the Solomon Islands progresses, as I hope it will, the many set-backs to the welfare and well-being of the family must be tackled, however, the difficulties that are posed by unemployment, domestic violence, alcoholism, poverty, education and health.

A study of news reports over a number of years has shown how the state of many families in the Solomon Islands, arising from incidents of family violence, has made children more vulnerable.

Children brought up in single parent homes, or in homes where domestic abuse is common place often lag behind in their performances at school and in later years when they do attain work

I believe that neglect at home causes psychological problems for a child.  The father provides stability and good connection with his children.

A breakdown in the family is not without cost to society at large, including the unity of the country.

The young lady that featured in the Solomon Times article described herself as an “Agent for Change.”  It is my hope, too, that the Solomon Islands will see change in the years ahead to ensure the family is the bedrock of national unity and progress for all.

Yours sincerely

Frank Short


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