The time for the healing of the wounds has come

Commissioner of Correctional Service Solomon Islands (CSSI) Mr Gabriel Manelusi applauds Guadalcanal Post Conflict Rehabilitation, Reconciliation, and Restoration Association (GPCRRRA) for the significant peace restoration ceremony that held at Sughu Village in the Tasimauri Region, Weather Coast of Guadalcanal on 05 July 2020.
Speaking during the reconciliation ceremony, Commissioner Manelusi said, today our presence here, and by our celebration, confer glory and hope to newborn liberty. Out of experience of an extraordinary human disaster as experienced in the past, must be born a society of which all humanity will be proud.
“We thank God for gracing us, gracing the people of Guadalcanal for recognising custom in the context of Melanesia”.
“Late last year 2019, the world face with COVID 19 pandemic and Solomon Islands is among the globe of COVID 19 free country and we must thank God for gracing us”, says Manelusi
“To my good people of Guadalcanal, I come with greetings from my Executive, CSSI organisation, Correctional brother and sister Inmates, we acknowledged each of you for your prayers and support long past, now and into the future, our country need that cooperation and working togetherness”.
Manelusi thank the GPCRRRA President Mr Joseph Sangu and his Executive Committee for the invitation to attend this historical event and this will be recorded in the history of Weather Coast on restoration and reconciliation, and as we all know that the world is watching us.
Commissioner Manelusi also shared this Godly sentiments during the ceremony that God mission is to save the world and each of us to enjoy eternal life, God has offer life available free for everyone to receive it unless you believe (John 3 (17:18)
“God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the World but to save the World through JESUS, rescue, heal and preserve the world. What is the purpose of our mission, assignment, to RESPONSE to God, you and I must believe, trust, and commit to follow JESUS. RESULT – a person who believe will not condemned, that means the wrongs and sins no longer held against you and I. The world is under condemned because of SIN”.
Commissioner Manelusi reiterate that during this restoration and reconciliation ceremony we all need to stand together to tackle the challenges of building peace, prosperity and democracy. The reconciliation is the process to see the light. The time for the healing of the wound has come, the moment to bridge the chasms that divide us has come, the time to build Guadalcanal and our happy Isles (SIs) is upon us, and this is to lead our country out of the valley of darkness
Manelusi reminds everyone that we must adhere to three sources of the law to shape our behaviour and future of our country. We must respect and adhere to the, Divine Law (Holy Bible), Customary Law (Customary law) and the Constitution
Manelusi emphasized that we need to realise and say, Sorry to each other. Forgiveness is the process of healing that bridge truth, Justice, Peace and Mercy, We need acceptance, rehabilitation and reintegration, renew and restart. Our heart and mind must be cleared in obedience to God, unity, peace, security and economic growth is what we need to progress our country Solomon Islands.
Manelusi update the general public on the rehabilitation programs priority of the current government, and currently all programs across all centres were suspended due to COVID 19. However when the State of Public Emergency is lifted then CSSI priority will focus on education, faith based, vocational training, life skills and offending behavioural change. This is a priority of the national government which CSSI organisation are working on reviewing the rehabilitation & reintegration policy to meet the current needs.
Manelusi highlight to the general public who witness the ceremony, for awareness purposes, revealed the cost of more than SBD $400.for each prisoner per day to feed and meet their welfares either convict or remand and this are very costly for our national government.
“We must therefore act together as an united people, for national reconciliation, for nation building for the birth of a new Solomon Islands, Let there be justice for all, Let there be peace for all, Let there be work, food and water for all, Let each know that for each the body, the mind and the soul have been freed to fulfil themselves”, says Manelusi.
CSSI Commissioner Manelusi do acknowledge and register words of thanks to the Member of East Guadalcanal Hon Bradley Tovosia, Guadalcanal Deputy Premier, Hon. Speaker and Provincial Assembly Members, Guadalcanal Statesman Mr Ezekiel Alebua, Reps from the Ministry of National Unity Reconciliation and Peace, All Church Leaders, Paramount Chiefs and Traditional Leaders of Guadalcanal, GPCRRRA President and Executives Members, Victim Reps, RSIPF Reps, Men’s, Women’s, Elders, Youths and Children.