Tourism Solomons reset and ready for positive 2021


Describing 2020 as the “most challenging time most of us have endured in our lifetimes” Tourism Solomons CEO, Josefa ‘Jo’ Tuamoto said the national tourism office has “reset” and is “ready to go” the moment the global travel situation is resolved and the Solomon Islands can once more receive international visitors.

Mr Tuamoto’s comments follow a period in which he has led his team through a long process of “re-strategy” intended to have the tourism industry ready to greet the new year with optimism and hope.

“While we may have been unable to welcome any international visitors since March, this doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy,” Mr Tuamoto said.

“As such we have used this time to a create a five-point strategy intended to rekindle the Solomon Islands’ tourism sector’s fortunes in a post COVID-19 environment,” he said.

A key component of the strategy, he said,  will revolve around a resumption of the national tourist office’s strategic international marketing and PR activity which has played a major factor in international visitation increasing by more than seven per cent year on year since 2014.

However, focus will also be kept well and truly fixed on the domestic tourism sector where soon to be implemented activities include bringing the existing sector up to “truly international standards” under Ministry of Culture and Tourism guidelines.

This focus will  also take into account increased hotel and resort inventory intended to enable access to those less-developed areas of the Solomon Islands offering strong tourism potential and thereby spreading the benefits from tourism to even more Solomon Islanders.

“Key to everything is to remain optimistic,” Mr Tuamoto said.

“Like many of our Pacific neighbours  we have been through tough times in the past but our optimism, our belief that hope springs eternal and our ability to meet and overcome these challenges has always and will always pull us through.

“We are hopeful 2021 will bring many new opportunities for our beloved Solomon Islands.

“With that in mind the Tourism Solomons team wishes you all the very best for the festive seasons and a very Happy and Prosperous New Year for everyone in 2021.


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