Tradelinked seeks to further relations with SICCI

Tradelinked Cairns – PNG – Pacific is keen to further develop its existing relationship with the Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SICCI).

Tradelinked Director, Gary Aylward highlighted this in his congratulatory letter to SICCI’s new Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Natalina Hong.

SICCI and Tradelinked business group relationship started after a visit to Cairns by former CEO Atenasi, and a follow-up visit to Honiara in 2019 by representative of Tradelinked, to attend the Australia-Solomon Island Business Council’s Investment Forum.

Tradelinked Cairns-PNG-Pacific is an industry group formed in October 2011 to develop, promote and engage with like-minded businesses trading between Cairns and PNG. In 2018 this was expanded to include the western Pacific including the Autonomous Region of Bougainville and the Solomon Islands.

Tradelinked sits under the auspices of the Cairns Chamber of Commerce as a standalone sub-committee and continues to build on existing business, cultural and social ties between the regions.

Mr Aylward said Tradelinked is seeking to further develop relations with Business Organisations including Chambers of Commerce in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville.

“We hope to continue our positive business relations with SICCI and the Solomon Islands and especially look forward to a renewed interest once international travel borders re-open,” Mr Aylward said.

CEO of the Cairns Chamber of Commerce, Mr Peter O’Neill also extended his congratulations in the correspondence as part of the partnership with Tradelinked Cairns-PNG-Pacific. 

SICCI continues to see the increasing importance of our partnership in the context of this growing region.

“Our predecessors have paved many ways forward for SICCI in the regional level as the peak private sector representative in Solomon Islands we look forward to continue working with Tradelinked and to the many possibilities ahead once travel restrictions eases,” SICCI CEO, Natalina Hong, said.