Traditional Governance and Custom Facilitation Bill 2018 consultation held in Gizo

The Ministry of Traditional Governance Peace and Ecclesiastical Affairs (MTGP&EA) on Thursday last week completed a third round of provincial consultation on Traditional Governance and Custom Facilitation Bill 2018 in Gizo, Western Province.

The consultation is recommended by BLC to pursue further the TGCF Bill 2018 consultation, this was a third consultation held on the 4th – 6th of August 2020 and it targeted traditional leaders, church leaders and civil society leaders and government officers, youths and women leaders.

Speaking at the opening of the TGCF Bill consultation, supervising Premier Western Province Hon Nunala highlighted the need for peace and harmony as the ultimate prerequisite for both start-up and sustainable economic development in the province.

He added the Empowerment and recognition of Traditional Governance Systems and structure is the key driver for peace, unity and social economic development in the province and country as whole.

Supervising premier said there are constraints and impediments to peaceful co-existence and economic development in the Country and Western Province is no exception.

Therefore, he added the initiative taken by the current DCGA government that is to recognise and empower traditional leaders is worthwhile and with the consultation and enactment of the TGCF Bill will pave a way forward for this nation Solomon Islands.

On behalf of the Hon Premier of Western Province, He expressed Western Provincial Government support on the TGCF Bill consultation, he urged the participants to participate fully and make the most out of this opportunity through which traditional leaders, church leaders, public officers, community and traditional leaders and members of the civil societies will have their inputs solicited in the draft Bill.

Meanwhile, Hon Chriswell Minu, Western Provincial Government Minister for women and youths, also urge youths and women attending the consultation to understand, empower, recognise and support traditional governance systems and structures.

He says “Our gradually depleting resources and social fabrics of our societies hinges well with the traditional systems and we must not allow western pluralism and influences to dominate our local system and structures.”

He added your participation and contribution on this consultation as future leaders will certainly benefit you in the future.   

Also on the consultation Director of Traditional Governance Division Mr. Chris Tabea informed the participants that supporting, recognition and empowerment of traditional governance structures and systems is one of the current DCGA flagship policies and by empowering traditional leaders can contribute to the social and economic development of the country.

The three days TGCFB consultation is funded by Inclusive Governance of Natural Resource for Greater Social Cohesion in Solomon Islands (IGNR) under United Nations Peace Building Fund and jointly implemented by Ministry of Traditional Governance Peace and Ecclesiastical Affairs (MTGPEA), UN women and Ministry of Women Youth Children and Family Affairs (MWYCFA).

The three day consultation was successfully and fully supported by Western Provincial Government and participants.