TSL Season 2021 award ceremony hosted successfully

The country’s top league hosted it’s award ceremony successfully yesterday at Lawson Tama.

Participants include winning teams, sponsors, SIFF, organisers, distinct guests and others.

Its a joyous moment for winning teams and individuals as they were accorded accordingly for their efforts and hard work.

Individual awards

Specific awards given to individual persons and teams for a higher performance during the season.

  • Referee of the Season – Ben Aukwai
  • Assistant Referee of the Season – Natalie Lomukana
  • Coach of the Season – Jacob Moli
  • Fair-play team award – Henderson Eels FC
  • Golden Glove Award – Philip Mango (Central Coast FC)
  • Golden Ball Award – William Komasi (Central Coast FC)
  • Golden Boot Award – Gagame Feni (KOSSA FC)
  • Molea Tigi (Solomon Warriors FC)

Teams award

Awards are given to top four teams of the season.

  • 1st prize $240,000.00 with 30 Gold medals and League Trophy – Central Coast FC (Champions)
  • 2nd prize $170,000.00 with 30 silver medals – Solomon Warriors FC
  • 3rd prize $130,000.00 with 30 Bronze medals – Waneagu United FC
  • 4th prize $100,000.00 – Henderson Eels FC


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