Two new cases of the COVid virus detected: initial signs point toward Delta and Omicron strains

According to early assessments, there is a possibility that the two new cases are Delta and Omicron variants.

This was announced today by the Prime Minister, Sogavare during his routine nationwide address.

The first case was registered on 22nd December by a young boy who returned from Fiji with his family. 

Because of the boys’ age he did not get vaccinated. However, the rest of his family members are fully vaccinated and all tested negative.

The 2nd case is from a national who just returned from Dubai. He was fully vaccinated and his last doze was taken in July this year.

 It is said that the lab equipment cannot do genomic sequencing so therefore cannot determine the suspected variant the two persons have. Therefore, the samples have been shipped to Australia for further analysis.

In the meantime, the two will be placed in different isolation centers. And an immediate suspension of all incoming passengers will be enforced. 

Other measures include, any person(s) visiting CoVid countries will not be allowed to enter or re-enter the country for up to two consecutive months. 

The prime minister is calling on the public to immediately get vaccinated. MHMS will set up centers where they can go and get their vaccines.

Children aged 12-17 and pregnant women can now get their vaccines as well.

He said that these two variants are very transmissible and therefore to avoid any community outbreak we must all get our vaccines.

Solomon Islands now loses its CoVid-19 free status. Total cases now move up from 20 to 22.


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