UNDP & Japan seal agreement to strengthen national capacities in Government against corruption

The UN Development Programme (UNDP) and the Government of Japan signed a cooperation agreement on 21 January formalizing funding support for the Strengthening National Capacities to Combat Corruption Project in Solomon Islands.

The project is an integral part of the larger Transparency and Accountability for the People of Solomon Islands Program (TAP) introduced in 2018 by the Government of Solomon Islands and UNDP. It aims to establish institutional framework and national capacity to prevent and fight corruption at both the national and provincial levels in the country. Moreover, the project will support the Government of Solomon Islands in their determination to fight corruption and reduce its negative impact on the well-being of the people of Solomon Islands through strengthening the relevant legal and institutional frameworks of the integrity institutions.

The financial support that the Government of Japan has availed to this important project will ensure the continuity of the work so far. Moreover, it will significantly contribute in building the national capacity in Solomon Islands, thus ensuring the sustainability of the support of the anti-corruption agenda of the Government of Solomon Islands.

Japanese Ambassador to the Solomon Islands, His Excellency Morimoto Yasuhiro expressed his appreciation to UNDP for its continuous assistance in tackling such a critical and a broad issue, as corruption.

“Establishing a partnership with the Solomon Islands Government and UNDP Solomon Islands gave us the confidence to face this complicated issue,” Mr Morimoto stated.

Mr. Morimoto is optimistic that the Japan funding would bring about a bright and prosperous future in society, with good leadership of the Solomon Islands government.

UNDP Country Manager (a.i.) Ms. Olga Rábade emphasized the importance of this partnership stating that “corruption involves complex social, political and economic phenomena and affects all countries. It undermines democratic institutions, slows down economic development and contributes to governmental instability. The fight against corruption requires vigorous measures and strong cooperation.”  

Thanking the Government of Japan for their generous support, Ms. Rábade, further stressed UNDP’s continuous work at strengthening anti-corruption institutions and systems, supporting the implementation of UNCAC, identifying and preventing corruption risks through the collective actions of government, civil society and the private sector in fighting corruption, as essential measures for the achievement of just, peaceful and inclusive societies as referred in SDG 16.

Deputy Secretary of the Prime Minister, Dr. Derick Mane when highlighting the contentment of the Solomon Islands Government to this support stated that the Government is committed to partnership with all stakeholders to holistically weed corruption in all sectors.

– Joint statement


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