United States Consul to Solomon Islands reappointed

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and the External Trade Hon. Jeremiah Manele this morning handed over the Exequatur, formalizing the appointment of US Consul in Honiara Ms. Keithie Saunders.

The appointment of Ms. Saunders has been renewed and extended for another twelve (12) months commencing December 2021 to December 2022.

Ms. Keithie Saunders continue to represent United States in Solomon Islands.

She has been very instrumental in bridging US-Solomon Islands relations over the past years to this present.

The United States of America has recently announce their increased engagement with Solomon Islands with new funding and projects planned to be implemented in country. The Minister of Foreign Affairs and External Trade Honourable Jeremiah congratulated Ms. Saunders on her re-appointment and reiterate Solomon Islands ongoing cooperation with the United States to enhance partnership between the two countries and realize the potentials that this bilateral relationship can offer.

– GCU Press


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