Leader of Opposition Hon. Matthew Wale has expressed great shock at the report in Solomon Star on Tuesday 25th February 2020 of new information coming out from inside sources within the Prime Minister’s Office that the USD$11 Billion commission from the proposed USD$100 billion loan includes payments to senior MPs within Sogavare’s government.

Solomon Star reported inside sources as saying the payments from the commission will go to senior MPs within government for the decision to switch diplomatic ties from Taipei to Beijing and to refund electoral political donations made to MPs by Chinese during the national general elections.

Hon.  Wale said, “It is already a great concern to the entire nation that the PM had directed his Finance Minister to pursue the USD100 Bn loan proposal that is way way beyond the capacity of Solomon Islands to repay, and for purposes that are highly dubious. Just when we thought it couldn’t possibly get any worse, this latest twist that the USD11 Bn commission includes payments to senior MPs in Sogavare’s government is outright disrespect for the people of Solomon Islands. Worse, if true, it would be a scheme to steal from the people of Solomon Islands who will repay the loan.”

Hon. Wale said, “This loan proposal will enslave Solomon Islands to the lenders for a long long time. If it is true that MPs will be paid out of the USD11 Bn commission. There is no end to the problems associated with this loan proposal and its promoter Mr. Terry Wong. If, as is reported by the Solomon Star that Terry Wong is a “good friend of senior MPs in the government, including the Finance Minister”, Solomon Islanders have good reason to be very worried that these leaders have placed their own personal gain above national interest. It is very worrying indeed if senior MPs in government are in a scheme with Terry Wong to defraud the people of Solomon Islands through this proposed loan.”

Hon. Wale calls on the insiders within PMO to take advantage of the Whistle Blower’s Act and report everything they know about the dealings of the Prime Minister, Finance Minister, and other MPs with Terry Wong that might be corrupt or illegal to the anti-corruption commission. That Act affords them anonymity.


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