The Opposition Leader, Hon. Mathew Wale welcomes the proposed move by the Commissioner of Lands, Allan McNeil to quell illegal and corrupt land deals as a move in the right direction to eliminate the illegal land sales and deal in Honiara.

He made the call upon reports on illegals sales of land to individuals and business obtaining land without following the proper channel which resulted in people losing their land or those acquiring land failing to pay their annual grants and land rentals.

Wale said the move to crackdown on the network that involved in illegal sale of lands to individuals and business which wrecked the land acquisition and sealing process has resulted in the illegal acquisition of land titles, sometimes without the consent of title holders.

Hon. Wale said that the practice must be stopped and the actions taken by the Commissioner to clamp down on these people involved in the deals is the right thing to do. Wale also suggested that officer that involved in such deals should be dealt with accordingly. These people have engaged in corrupt practices and should be penalized for committing these unscrupulous activities.

“The Ministry of Lands has been experiencing problems with land over the years, especially those relating to management of the land approval process as well as collection of grants and land rents each year. The announcement of the crackdown comes at a time when things need to change, and this move by the Commissioner of lands will ensure that people applying for land follow proper channel and process and not allow land to be sold illegally by those who do not care about our systems and laws, which govern the processes of selling our land,” says Hon. Wale.