Leader of Opposition Hon. Matthew Wale calls on the Government to make full disclosures on all government dealings relating to the Mamara Township Development Project to date.
The call follows the statements by the PS responsible for Commerce and Mr. William Ling of Metropolis Pacific PTE Ltd published earlier.
He points out that while the PS says that a decision is yet to be reached on the deal in respect of the proposed public services housing scheme, the developer is saying, their letter follows understandings already reached. This raises serious questions on the prices tag and the nature of any surrounding discussions?
“If the Mamara Development Act is to be fully complied with in light of the time that has lapsed, price amongst many others are matters of importance that should have been negotiated and addressed well before any commitments were made under the original agreement for public servants.
“This is more so now in light of the revelation that public servants are going to be paying for the houses through their own savings and or loans. What guarantee do they have that they are not going to lose out in the end?” The Opposition Leader questions.
Hon. Wale went on to add that, “With recent changes in the laws dealing with land, the recent Government policy redirection and budget constraints forced on us by the impact of Covid 19 and the impact of climate change, surely the government must have had concerns over the currency of the agreement hence considered taking steps to safeguard the interest of public servants and other investors. Clearly the prices seem too excessive for the type and quality of houses thus raising questions on affordability. Someone must explain”.
“I therefore call on the Government to own up and to disclose all dealings leading up to the start of the project, and to inform public servants on the pros and cons of investing in the project.
“Our people will live with the project for many years to come and so the PM must do the right thing. The PM must leave no stones unturned as he likes to say and come out clean,” the Opposition Leader further adds.


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