Wale calls for PM to resign over allegations of conspiracy to murder

Leader of Opposition, Hon Matthew Wale has hit back today to the call by PM Sogavare for him to resign. 

Sogavare had made the call for Wale to resign based on allegations of his involvement in last week’s riots. 

But Wale dismissed these allegations as “pure fantasy” and in return quoted long standing allegations that Sogavare had conspired to murder two prominent Guadalcanal leaders during the ethnic tension period. 

Wale said “if we are resigning over allegations, then please Mr PM you should have resigned long ago. I would say that there is considerable evidence in public on the allegation against you on conspiracy to murder of late Hon. John Garo and Hon. Bodo Dettke,” says Wale. 

The Opposition Leader adds that, “It is extraordinary to have a sitting PM who is still facing the credible allegations.”  

On the other hand, Wale laughed off the claim by Sogavare that he was responsible for planning the riots.

“Sogavare is more responsible for the riots than anyone, they are product of poverty caused by his policies and his government, any attempt to find a “mastermind” is just a wild goose chase to distract from his fault in all this,” Wale further adds.


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