Wale calls on nation to pray for Australian bushfire victims

The Leader of Opposition, Hon. Matthew Wale appeals to the Churches and people of Solomon Islands to share a thought in their prayers, for the people of the East Coast of Australia, who have and are still suffering from the ongoing effects of the recent bush fires. 

Hon. Wale further says, “He is also saddened by the deafening silence of the government on this tragic event.”

The recent bush fires in Australia have already destroyed a lot of property, wild life, animals and has also taken the lives of more than 20 people so far. 

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Hon. Wale says, “Words really cannot express the difficulties faced by the families and businesses affected and my heart goes out to each and every one of them.  In deed these are truly trying times.”

“As Christians, we are connected to the people of Australia through the body of Christ, hence we must find time to remember and pray for comfort and mercy.”

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“I therefore invite all our Churches and people to say a prayer for the many families, wantoks and friends of those affected.  In particular, let us remember those that have lost loved ones. 

“May their souls rest in peace and may God comfort their families in these times of sorrow,” says Hon. Wale.

The Leader of Opposition however is saddened by the deafening silence of our government on this situation. 

“The Australian government and people have always stood by us during our most trying times, including those moments when we also experienced natural disasters. 

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“Our neighbours, PNG, Vanuatu and others have already made commitments to assist and so it makes one wonder why our government is so silent.”

“Our government must not allow our own short comings to be an excuse not to reciprocate the hand of compassion and mercy extended to us over the years, by the Australian people and government. 

“If there is a time to demonstrate leadership, this is the time for our PM to make representation on behalf of the people of Solomon Islands,” the Leader of Opposition says. 0000000