Wale maintains call for publication of ESP payout list, says improvements needed on ESP website

Opposition Leader, Hon. Matthew Wale has asked the Economic Stimulus Package (ESP) Committee to make available, the list of beneficiaries who have received payments from the package, and other details, including amounts received.

The Opposition Leader made this statement following the launch of the ESP website, which appears to only feature the list of applications approved, but not the list of those that have received payments.

“Something is still not right about the way the ESP Committee is dealing with this matter, as they deliberately chose not to publish the details of recipients, as far as payments are concerned. This confirms my fears, and the very reason why I have continuously asked for the publication of the list of payouts.

“Unfortunately, the data base only have the list approved for payments, but what was posted in the media was the true list because it contains the amounts paid, recipients’ bank account numbers, and their names including payment dates. This is what people are waiting for, the payment list, not the approved list,” says Hon. Wale.

Hon. Wale further adds that, “I understand there are a number of approved payments being halted until January next year, due to fears of possible misuses of ESP funds during the festive period, an approach I must commend the Committee for taking, but I believe by publishing these lists, you can never go wrong with any follow ups and monitoring, later”.

Hon. Wale stressed that in order for the ESP website to be used effectively, there is need for the committee to improve the system, which should be able to update the website simultaneously upon payouts of approved ESP applications.

“I also urge that the committee look at how they can ensure the website is improved to provide appropriate data and information, relevant for the public to access and are kept informed on issues regarding ESP.

“However, since the website is still not providing the payout lists from the ESP, I therefore maintain my call for the Committee to publish the list of those that have already received payments,” the Opposition Leader adds.