The Leader of Opposition Hon. Matthew Wale has refuted the Prime Minister’s recent declaration of innocence towards Malaita as not true. 

Responding to his announcement, Hon. Wale held that the Prime Minister’s recent statement does not match his actions when it comes to Malaita province. 

Far from having no issue with Malaita, Hon. Wale insisted, the Prime Minister and his Government have gone to great lengths to see the destabilisation of Premier Suidani’s Government. 

According to the Leader of Opposition, Government’s resistance towards Malaita is because of Premier Suidani’s refusal to bow down to the Prime Minister’s demands. Making this point, Hon. 

Wale emphasized that ‘one does not have to look far to see the waves of Government hostility that Premier Suidani’s MARA Government has had to face. 

He said from decisions by Government ministries such as the Provincial Government all the way to the lobbying of Malaita MPAs to overthrow Premier Suidani, it is undeniable that the Prime Minister and his Government have issues against MARA’s strong refusal to take part in the National Government’s parade’.

Hon. Wale however stated that ‘what does not seem to sink into the Prime Minister’s mind is that Premier Suidani and the MARA government are merely standing on the collective position of the people of Malaita. 

“This too is an undeniable fact as reflected in the recent turn out of people in support of the Premier and his Government in Auki,” said the Opposition Leader. 

The Leader of Opposition therefore called on Prime Minister Sogavare to respect the democratic will of the people from Malaita and refrain from any further persecution of the Premier and his Government