Wale queries gov’t over Economic Stimulus Package

Opposition Leader, Hon. Matthew Wale questions the government over the delay in the planned implementation of the stimulus package.

In his statement, Hon. Wale highlighted that the stimulus package initiative is a very important Covid-19 policy line intended to keep the domestic economy afloat and functioning during these hard times.

“A lot of government resources had been poured into causing awareness on its importance and if the total number of interested applicants is anything to go by, people did appreciate this policy line by responding in huge numbers, and from all four corners of the country. 

“With the time that has passed and the ongoing economic hardships faced by our people on a daily basis however, the public is getting agitated and are wondering what is going on? What else is holding the government back from paying out the promised stimulus packages?” the Opposition Leader questioned.

Hon. Wale went on to add that, “It is only fair therefore that the government explain what is really going on especially in relation to the list of the successful applicants and when they expect to be paid their packages”.

He said recent public issues from some provincial centres concern suspected political bias, application requirements that disadvantage rural farmers and nepotism. 

“Again it is important that these issues are clarified to avoid confusion and unnecessary reprisal also,” the Opposition Leader further added.