Wale questions government over status of allowances for front-liners


The Leader of Opposition, Hon. Matthew Wale is calling on the Prime Minister to take urgent steps to address the allowances of front-line officers in the fight against Covid-19, which had been revealed as being unpaid since September 2020.

Hon. Wale said, “If the reports are true, then it is clearly hypocritical of the government to be giving credit to front-liners while neglecting to pay them their dues.”

“Each time they perform their duties, they are actually exposing themselves to serious health risks for the sake the rest of the community and I am surprised that their allowances would be left unattended. I therefore question the government as to why this has happened?”

The Opposition Leader goes on to say, “I am concerned that the delay may have something to do with government’s spread of our limited resources including finances.” 

“I am concerned that payments that have political attachments which are not health related may be taking precedent over front liner allowances.  If this is the case then something drastic must be done.  We cannot lose sight of our front liners and other key health needs.  They are too important in our fight against a health pandemic to be ignored just because we have to spend money elsewhere for political reasons.”

Further, on the nurses’ threatened sit-in protest, Hon. Wale also calls on the Prime Minister to take immediate steps to deal with their concerns.  The last thing we want at this point in time is for our nurses to be left without options.

Hon. Wale said, it is obvious the nurses feel that their grievances have not been taken seriously and dealt with in a timely manner. It is therefore important that the legitimacy, legality and proportionality of these claims are given proper consideration.”

“Clear lines of communications must be established therefore to avert any misunderstanding and the inevitable. Sensible and reasonable decision-making therefore is need on the part of government,” says Hon. Wale.


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