The Leader of Opposition, Hon. Matthew Wale questions the government’s decision to acquire personal protective equipment (PPE) from China.
It is understood that the government has purchased PPE from China worth more than USD$300,000.00 paid for by the PRC government, directly to Beijing Genomics Institute. PRC government itself directed that the funds be paid to Beijing Genomics Institute, the Solomon Islands government had no say in the matter.
Hon. Wale said “In a matter of life and death, as PPE are, the Solomon Islands government must have the final say on the quality of products and supplier. The SIG must not allow itself to be dictated to, as is the case here. Any donations that come with directions should be politely declined.”
“We have read reports that large numbers of PPE made in china were found to be substandard and not fit for purpose in Australia, Spain and Italy. The government must not allow our frontline healthcare workers’ lives to be put at risk in using sub-standard quality PPE,” adds Hon. Wale.
He stressed that the quality of PPE is a matter of life and death for frontline healthcare workers dealing with Covid-19. Any deaths resulting from faulty PPE are entirely avoidable, and the government must ensure it only procures quality PPE from credible known sources.
“I am concerned that there is some independent third party inspection of the PPE provided by Beijing Genomics Institute to ensure they are fit for purpose before they are shipped to Honiara,” the Opposition Leader further stressed.