Wale response to PM’s statement on One Link

Office of the Leader of Opposition is pleased to note the new position that PMO has taken to side with CBSI and Honiara City Council regarding the pyramid scheme One Link.

This is following reports last week that during Tuesday’s caucus meeting the Prime Minister encouraged his MPs to each invest $250,000 in One Link to receive $1M in thirty days.

The PM’s statement in caucus encouraging investment in One Link was confirmed by at least eight government MPs who attended the caucus meeting.

They said, the Attorney General had to intervene to correct statements in support of One Link made by the PM in the caucus meeting. These MPs all said they were shocked by the PM’s statements and his apparent lack of judgment.

In response to reports about the PM’s statement supporting One Link in caucus, the Leader of Opposition expressed his concern on the apparent lack of judgment exercised by the Prime Minister.

He said the Prime Minister is very vulnerable to get-rich-quick schemes, regardless of their legality or ethical considerations.

“It must concern all Solomon Islanders that their Prime Minister demonstrates this basic lack of judgment, essential to leadership and governance. This is the same concern that surrounds the USD100Bn proposed loan – the PM and Finance Minister have demonstrated a lack of sound judgment and vulnerability to get-rich-quick schemes. This makes Solomon Islands a laughing stock internationally, and makes a mockery of our governance systems.

“When the leader of government lacks judgment, government is vulnerable to poor decision-making. The people have a right to be very concerned about governance and decision making in their government.”


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