“ We acted on the interest of the Business License Ordinance ” : Mayor and Clerk

City Mayor Wilson Mamae and City Clerk Rence Sore have maintained HCC’s stand on One Link Pacifica’s License issue and legality through HCC’s Business License Ordinance.

Following Henry Star Dorah’s article in the papers, they have reiterated that HCC cannot issue OLP a business license unless OLP obtains a Banking License from CBSI as their operation relates to the banking business.

“If Star Dorah claims that “CBSI has no connections with OLP and will never charge them from not obtaining a banking license as OLP is not a commercial bank or financial institution”, then what is the nature of its operations and which business category does OLP fall into?”, Sore said.

“Similarly it would make it difficult for HCC to classify OLP business activities and which business license it requires,”

“This is quite different from Casino Licenses as Casino is a gambling business and its license are approved by the gaming and lottery board,” he added.

By not giving a business license to OLP, it does not mean HCC disallows it’s operations as it has been operating illegally, however they stated that let it continue until such a time it reaches its natural death.

The Mayor and Clerk stated that what Henry Star Dorah has mentioned in regards to the benefits people receive from OLP, is not HCC’s concern but the licensing issue is the focus here.

They further stated that the comments made in the media is childish and out of context from the real issue, but merely trying to get support from investors and clients.

The claim by Henry Star Dorah on who’s interest the Mayor and Clerk are acting on, they said their actions are based on the interest of protecting the integrity of the Business license ordinance.

Mayor Mamae and City Clerk Sore further stated that they now put this issue to rest and allow common sense to prevail.


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