West Kwaio constituency office embarks on project

The West Kwaio Constituency, WKC, office in Honiara continues embarking on its development program for the constituency.

The WKC office has assisted to ship two (2) dump trucks, a Lucas saw mill and building materials to the constituency that were delivered and distributed to recipients over the weekend.

In an interview, WKC Development Officer Jabes Kiloko explained that the WKC office is embarking on a housing scheme for West Kwaio constituents which distributions of building materials has already commenced early this year.

“The constituency office has started funding first five hundred (500) houses which will be built according to a standardised plan.

“This housing project is funded through cost sharing arrangement in which the constituency office sponsors the building materials and the recipients to provide timbers and gravels for the buildings.

The building materials include steel rods, bags of cement, copper, tying wires, nails, plywoods and gauge wires,” said Mr Kiloko.

He said according to the constituency development plan, the housing project is one of the top priorities of the WKC office.

Mr Kiloko added the WKC office has also provided free transportation of sawn timbers by constituents to Honiara during the return trip.

“The LC Gulatata’e has also back loaded sawn timbers free of charge during its return trip to Honiara.

“This is according to plan and arrangements to help our rural constituents in providing transport for their products,” he said.

The roll out of the on going development program by the WKC office is fully supported by the Member of Parliament Honourable Titus Fika.

West Kwaio constituency office embarks on project
Dump Trucks handed to West Kwaio Constituency by Hon Fika.