Dear good online readers/followers of The Solomon Islands Herald and fellow Solomon Islanders, I come here to clear your doubts of minds over lots of confusion and speculations and accusation over ONE LINK PACIFICA.

Sentiments orchestrated by and coming from CENTRAL BANK SOLOMON ISLANDS senior official, HONIARA CITY COUNCIL City Mayor and City Clerk  Rence Sore and very recently PRIME MININSTERS OFFICE, refer to Front page Island Sun Tuesday also covered by Solomon Star and Broadcast over SIBC National Radio World blo Iumi & Tis Taem Nao programme.

These are the very people where the Government had spent Millions of dollars on their education, hoping to come back to our Country to serve our people and nation. Therefore after 41 years of Political Independence, what have we achieved? Very much so depended on Foreign Aids, we saw major companies are owned by foreigners, all most all logging companies are owned by foreign companies, Fishing companies are owned by foreigners, all shops except for a few are owned by foreigners, let me put it this way, ALL resources both in Land & Sea are now being owned by Foreigners, leaving poor Solomon Islanders to slavery and being exploited and sole spectators in our own country. The rise of CORRUPTION within Political & Government Administration and our society that if not address would lead chaos and Civil unrest.

So what is the Government responsibilities towards its people, Unemployment ratio, Look at how many people out there are roaming the streets of Honiara and the Provinces, All sorts of HARDSHIP and really STRUGGLING to pay SCHOOL FEES for their children studying at SECONDARY and at SINU, women and families suffering out there and on the brink to starvations, NO FOOD on the table.

FORLKS, this is the twentieth/first century and in search of and for a better way forward, more working jobs, better livelihood, better jobs, better working conditions, better salaries/wages for better food, better Medicare, for us to address or alleviate the current plight of our peoples, our young people, boys and girls, school children and students wish for better education, Parents and Mothers who are normally stressed out.

A better way forward could not be achieved with jealousy, self creed, discrimination, disunity, distrust and ignorance. 

A PYRAMID SCHEME – Let me say this that the Government, HCC, CHURCHES, CLUBS and PROVINCIAL GOVERNMENT, Tribal Clans, family and homes are all Pyramid Scheme, So what is so special about pyramid scheme? why are we concerned about pyramid schemes?

LICENSE – Ordinance requires all business operating in HCC to have a license, that is a very clear mandate, so we seek to pay our license, but they Honiara City Council Mayor and City Clerk Sore refused to issue license, so what can we do?

Honiara City Council (LICENSE CATEGORY) – is the responsibility of the Council Treasurer. They need to identify a code and category for such business, if they cannot identify then what is wrong with them? Who else is fully responsible?


Let me say this, there are many scheme (foreign) pyramid operating within Honiara and in the provinces, remitting thousands and thousands of SBD dollars overseas, but why pick on One Link Pacifica (Home grown Investment Model) who are in indeed miraculously resurrecting our peoples aspirations and dreams?  So why pick on ONE LINK PACIFICA?

We are in a capitalist world/free market/free economy, a democracy where people are free to do whatever they want, engage in business, innovate new idea of making money, and be an entrepreneur, make more money and live a happy life, that is our ultimate aim of survival.

That is the philosophy of ONE LINK PACIFICA (OLP) that is our Vision and Mission, our objective and ultimate aim.

We want to assist and raised the standard of living of our very own people, our rural poor, our working poor, market vendors, the list goes on and on, those who have recognised and have realised this movement of dedicated people who had sought to become entrepreneurs and become BUSINESS owners in their own right and thereafter contribute to the wellbeing of their family, communities and Country.

So folks and respected leaders, those in authority, DO NOT FORGET that you all are working for your very own people, You are being employed because of them, You are receiving very FAT SALARIES because of them, both Governments, either, National, Provincial or Honiara City Council are not your private companies, these government institutions belong and owned by the people. Therefore DO NOT SUPPRESSED them but work with them to find a better way out to address their continued HARDSHIP, STRUGGLE and SURVIVAL.


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