Why Soga must go

The Opposition has made the urgent call that Manasseh Sogavare should no longer be PM. In their recent statement, the Opposition press explained that Sogavare’s actions pre 2019 General elections and during his tenure as PM clearly shows a person who has no integrity, honour, and respect for the rule of law and due process. 

This reckless leadership, the press statement highlighted, is specifically clear when: 

  1. Sogavare started in the 2019 general election as an Independent candidate, later tagged along with Kadere party for his own convenience during the election, and bypassed the people’s vote and the integrity mechanisms in the PPI Act by registering his own party after election. 
  2. Sogavare registered his own party after election to secure party leadership position and the right to be nominated for the PM post. 
  3. Sogavare promoted the political involvement of his Nephew who illegally took part in the 2019 election as a foreign citizen. He allowed his nephew, a convicted foreign citizen, to be Our Party’s President even though this was illegal. 
  4. Sogavare relies on his nephew to bully, and pull around members of Parliament with money collected from the SFA.

The Opposition press continued in stating that PM’s no care attitude for our laws is the type of leadership style this Nation will continue to suffer under if Sogavare remains PM. Such perverse disregard of our laws must stop. 

The statement concluded that ‘Sogavare is a leader who lacks integrity by continuously manipulating our laws for his own benefit. There is no reason why this nation and its people should continue to put confidence in him as PM’.


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