Will Solomon Islands see a medical mission in July this year?

Last December I wrote a piece in which I said a Medical Mission was expected in the Solomon Islands in July.

Having just been told of Sea Mercy’s planned programme of providing medical aid and dental treatment for remote island communities in the Western and Isabel provinces, due to start will a pilot project in May, following the signing of a MOU with the MHMS, I will repeat my earlier story in the hope of getting clarification and confirmation of the Medical Mission’s plans.

Here is what I said previously.

“Have you heard of the organization styled “Medical Mission Trip?” Perhaps not, like myself, but I came across exciting news today which foretells of a planned medical mission to the Solomon Islands by a group of volunteers to aid the local medical services in July next year.

“The volunteer team is expected to include doctors, surgeons, hospital administrative personnel, dentists, laboratory medical technicians, structural and building engineers, specialist in care child services and in welfare.

“It is my current understanding (in December 2019) that the Solomon Islands MOHMS is finalizing details in consultation with David Zic, the Director of MMT.

“I am guessing MMT as an organization is based in the United States and something of the origins of the organization is set out, briefly on MMT’s website, from which I quote:

“Medical Mission Trips originally began when a small group of volunteers went to Haiti in 2002. They saw that it was amazingly rewarding to sacrifice of themselves to help others, but it was not until 2010 that they would be able to start seeing the possibility of expanding this to a regular part of their lives. New volunteers joined them, and since 2010 have conducted missions in the Amazon of Brazil, Honduras, Guatemala, Kenya, Burundi and Ethiopia. Medical clinics have been conducted, schools have been built, homes have been built, and over 14,000 people have been assisted directly so far. We are just scratching the surface of potential assistance and can’t wait to see you with us on our next trip.

“Our volunteers live by the motto that life is lived to the fullest when you are helping someone else. We have been placed on this earth to expand our horizons and grow our talents, and when you are on mission helping someone in need you will fulfill these goals. Our volunteers travel thousands of kilometers from their homes at their own expense to give medical aid, welfare assistance, and educational opportunities to those in need. In exchange they receive an appreciation of new cultures and an opportunity to see their talents used to lift up someone else, and an opportunity to collaborate with colleagues from around the world they would otherwise never have a chance to meet.”

Another quote from the website reads:

“You have a purpose. You have talent. There is someone who is waiting to be helped just by you because your unique skill set is what they need.”

Indeed if the MMT plan comes about then there will certainly be many in the Solomon Islands waiting for skilled help with their medical needs and welfare requirements, despite the dedicated and unceasing medical care by local doctors, nurses and other professionals aligned to the medical services of the MHMS.

Let us hope the reported planned Medical Mission will occur and confirmation would be much appreciated, I am sure, given it is only 5 months before the proposed visit

Yours sincerely

Frank Short


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